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A disabling injury or illness can have a devastating and long term impact on ones qualify of life. At Lee Tasker Counselling Inc., we provide case management, rehabilitation consulting, and disability management services to help assess the real issues, develop a realistic care plan, and provide guidance throughout the rehabilitation process. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of customer service.

Disability Consulting

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A disabling injury or illness can require lengthy treatment and care beyond the services provided through a public health care system. It can also result in loss-time from work. This can create both emotional and financial stress for the individual and family.

At Lee Tasker Counselling Inc., we know how to navigate complex or fragmented health care systems. We can help you identify and access the benefits available to you through both public and private funding sources.

We work with you, your health care team, and the insurer to ensure you are getting the necessary support and the best treatment available. The focus is to reduce the stress of coping with the injury or illness, maximize your functional potential, and regain control of your life.

Our goal is to see you return to activities that are important and meaningful to you, whether that be at home, work, or school.

Case Management Services

  • Assessment of individual / family needs and realistic goal-setting related to the disability
  • Development of an individual rehabilitation plan (IRP) and costs of items, services, and supports
  • Identification of funding sources to pay for items and services on the IRP
  • Negotiate funding for, and optimizing spending of, essential medical / rehabilitation goods and services  
  • Effective and continued co-ordination, monitoring, and re-evaluation of the IRP

Vocational Rehabilitation Consulting

  • Assessment of suitable return to school / work options
  • Assistance with the implementation of the Vocational IRP

Future Care Needs Assessment

  • Accurate assessment of long-term care needs and related costs

Expert Advice / Experienced Advocating

  • Provides expert advice and experienced advocating for complex care needs such as developmental delay, traumatic brain, spinal cord injury, or soft tissue injury (such as whiplash associated disorder and musculoskeletal trauma)
  • Accurate and timely assessment of needs and costs
  • Seamless continuity of care (from hospital, to home, to community living)
  • Objective and measurable rehabilitation progress
  • Effective communiciation with all parties concerned
  • Reduced stress and strain on the individual / family
  • Maximized recovery potential
  • Timely return to school, work, or other essential activities of daily living

When a claim for bodily injury or illness is made, insurers want to see that rehabilitation is focused on return to work. However, costs can esclate, tension can increase, and disputes can ensue. This can lead to a:

  • Delay in access to benefits and treatment;
  • Higher degree of tension between the claimant and insurer; and
  • Higher degree of stress for the claimant.

These factors can affect a claimant's timely return to work and add to insurer costs.

Most adjusters don't have the rehabilitation training or the time it takes to identify and address these factors. Even for adjusters who have sufficient medical and rehabilitation knowledge, when it comes to helping claimants identify the right treatment for good recovery, it can be difficult for the adjuster to be seen as independent and credible in the eyes of the claimant, their family physician, or the lawyers who represent them in a claim.

At Lee Tasker Counselling Inc., we provide independent, objective disability management. It begins with a thorough claims file review using an innovative process created by Dr. Tasker. The purpose is to identify the key factors within a claim that are likely associated with delays, tension, and stress.

We can then prepare a report outlining the various key factors and make recommendations to ensure the best outcomes. We can also work directly with key people to facilitate an efficient claims closure. If necessary, Dr. Tasker can provide expert testimony in court.

Claims File Review

  • A systematic review of claims file documents to objectively assess the key factors likely causing dispute between the insurer and claimant
  • Recommendations to assist the parties in resolving the disputes

Medico-Legal Report Writing

  • To provide relevant information of a medical / rehabilitation nature to help resolve a legal dispute in a bodily injury claim
  • Types of reports include Future Care Needs and Cost Analyses, Vocational Assessments, and In-Home Assessments

Case Management Services

  • Assessment of a claimant's needs
  • Development of an individual rehabilitation plan (IRP) of items, services and supports, and their related costs based on their needs
  • Effective co-ordination and monitoring of the IRP

Expert Testimony

  • To provide expert opinion in court stemming from recommendations and conclusions in a medico-legal report


  • Thorough and reliable assessment of the key factors in a dispute
  • Verifiable evidence to support the conclusions and recommendations in a report
  • Provides factual and verifiable evidence to assist the trier(s) of fact in a court proceeding
  • Assists parties in resolving disputes so a claim can be closed


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Dr. Lee Tasker has been working in the disability field for 30 years providing case management, rehabilitation consulting, and disability management services

Dr. Lee Tasker founded Lee Tasker Counselling Inc. to provide independent, top-quality case management, rehabilitation consulting, and disability management services to clients, insurers, and legal counsel. We work with the individual, their family, and the various health care professionals to develop the optimal care plan. Dr. Tasker is dedicated and committed to maximizing an individual's rehabilitation potential and qaulity of life.

Dr. Tasker has also created a blog, called Disability Matters, to provide a supportive resource for people living with a disability. We are here to help. We are here to listen.

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